November 11
Start time - 5 PM (GMT -3)

The RNPSeg Event

RNPSeg is a RNP event promoted by CAIS - Brazilian Academic Network CSIRT. This event is exclusive to Information Security and Information Technology C-level managers from RNP customers, and the goal is provide a discussion about national and international information security panorama, through renowned IT managers and executives.

In this edition, RNPSeg will address aspects of business continuity. A important theme, not only observing the reality of this year, as well as for the most diverse crisis situations, at any time, that can impact an organization, and how information technology, combined with information security best practices, can be the key success factor.

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RNPSeg'20 will be digital, with online transmission in real time through the services Video@RNP, Youtube and Facebook, on November 11, 2020.

The agenda will start at 5 PM, with the online attendees welcomed by CAIS/RNP and CTIR.Gov, through their leaders Edilson Lima and Cel. Marcelo Antonio Righi, who will provide a theme overview of this edition.

Next, the Daryus Group's CEO, Jeferson D'Addario, will welcome the Cogna Group's CISO, Alex Amorim, and the Risk Management, Governance and Information Security Director of TCU, Rodrigo Coutinho, talking about challenges facing security and IT managers in management business continuity context.

In two hours scheduled for this talk moment, the three executives will talk about their experiences in implementing and improving processes of business operations maintenance in adversity contexts that can affect entire organization, in most varied scenarios, especially in educational and government sectors.

At the end, RNP's Executive Directors will present the main actions that RNP has been done to support the brazilian academic community.


Jeferson D'Addario

Jeferson D'Addario


CEO's Daryus Group

Alex Amorim

Alex Amorim


Cogna Education Group

Rodrigo Coutinho

Rodrigo Coutinho

Director of Risk Manager, Governance and Information Security

Tribunal de Contas da União